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Our Services

  • Automobile-Agency / Sale

    Automobile Schweiz AG takes care about the sale of your vehicle! Your vehicle will be professionally reprocessed and photographed so that it can be presented in the best light to the market. We advertise your vehicle on the best known Internet portals, take customer requests, advise buyers and take the time to introduce your vehicle to serious buyers. We process the entire sales process, clarify the buyer's creditworthiness and support him in financing (leasing, credit). For vehicles with an expired factory warranty, we conclude warranty insurances. You will neither meet the buyer nor will he find out your personal data. As the seller, you will be hidden discreetly in the background.


    Automobile Schweiz AG offers you the following advantages:

    - Higher selling price compared to trade in or cash
    - Warranty insurance
    - Financing solutions (e.g. leasing)
    - Professional sales process and therefore higher sales success
    - No nerve-racking waste of time with buyers
    - No administration (we take care about all formalities)
    - You may use your vehicle until the sale
    - You remain anonymous to the buyer!

  • Automobile offer for buyers

    Automobile Schweiz AG is very keen to constantly add nearly new and well-maintained vehicles to the range, so that we can always offer a diverse and manageable selection of attractive vehicles. A regular check of our offers is worthwhile!

    If you are unable to find a suitable vehicle in our offers, we are pleased to offer you our search service.

    Automobile Schweiz AG offers the following advantages to buyers:

    - Interesting prices on new cars from official Swiss distribution
    - Fleet discount
    - Very well maintained vehicles, mainly from private ownership - Cars for sale
    - Documented origin and history for most of the vehicles
    - Vehicles with full service-history, accident-free and inspected by the vehicle control authority
    - Under continuous factory warranty or with an extended guarantee
    - Procurement of new vehicles with attractive terms
    - Financing options (leasing, credit)
    - Car insurance
    - On request, we take care of the registration and delivery of the vehicle


  • Guarantee

    Our vehicles have an ongoing factory warranty. For used vehicles we offer you the comprehensive warranty insurances of Quality 1.

  • Financing

    We work with the best known leasing companies to offer you the best financing solution.

  • Automobile-Purchase / Search order

    Automobile Schweiz AG will also be pleased to help you find your desired car, whether it is a collector's car, new car, used car or imported vehicle. We will gladly take all the details of the model you are looking for and we will find the right choice for you through our network. Thanks to very good relations with the Swiss car importers, we can also offer new cars at very good conditions.

  • Automobile Import

    Are you looking for a special vehicle that is not available in Switzerland? Or are you looking for a vehicle that is cheaper to buy abroad? Then you are at the right place at Automobile Schweiz AG! We can provide most of the vehicles, especially worth mentioning are our partnerships to suppliers for US-cars. We can import your desired vehicle with the desired options and colour, or even order new cars according to your specification. For imports of US vehicles approx. 8 weeks must be expected until delivery. For vehicles build to your specification, the delivery time is extended by another 8 weeks depending on the model.

  • RECARO OFFICE LINE - Automitive sitting in the office

    Automobile Schweiz AG is the official Swiss distributor of the sporty and high-quality RECARO office chairs, so that you can benefit from the same ergonomic advantages as your car in your workplace or home office. Our offer includes the whole RECARO office line and the RECARO 24/7 "control room chairs".

    - RECARO Office Sportster
    - RECARO Office Specialist S
    - RECARO Office Specialist M
    - RECARO Office Expert S
    - RECARO Office Expert M
    - RECARO Office Style
    - RECARO Office Sportster CS
    - RECARO Office Cross Sportster CS
    - RECARO Office Speed
    - RECARO Office Cross Speed
    - RECARO Guard 24/7 K
    - RECARO Guard 24/7 L
    - RECARO Style 24/7